Count your chicken before you lay them - Arun Prabhu 'Aradhya'

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This is the story of a common man, Aradhya, who dares to dream big and wants to become a financial tycoon with an empire of his own. Due to inadequate experience he ends up financially bankrupt and with a ruined personal life. He loses heart, becomes a pessimist and a drunkard and is just short of committing suicide when his only friend Saron advices him to see Samuel, a life coach with many life changing interventions to his credit. He however spurns the advice. This book is about the journey of Aradhya from a loser to a successful businessman. It is also about how he meets Aakanksha and falls in love with her. Will his love be reciprocated? Will he be able to fix the Rubik’s cube of his life? This book is a guide for many like Aradhya and illustrates how they can use the law of attraction to reclaim their lives. It’s a sweet and subtle love story and a guide to leading a happy and fulfilled life.

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