NCERT Civics Democratic Politics - II - Social Science for Class - 10

NCERT Civics Democratic Politics - II - Social Science for Class - 10

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This ‘Democratic Politics – II’ will give the students of Class 10 a better understanding of the consequences of the ‘Democracy’ and the challenges faced during that period. It will also help the students to enrich their knowledge about the popular Moments and the Political Parties. Published by National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), this book is written in lucid language to keep it simple and easy.

Chapters Included in the Textbook
• Unit I
• Power sharing
• Federalism
• Unit II
• Democracy and Diversity
• Gender, Religion and Caste
• Unit III
• Popular Struggles and Movements
• Political Parties
• Unit IV
• Outcomes of Democracy
• Challenges to Democracy

Salient Features
• It gives the students a clear idea about how Federalism is practiced and what makes India a federal country. 
• Great for the students of Class 10, it contains exercises that help the students to brush up their knowledge.
• It is written in simple language so that students find it easy to memorise. 
• Colourful pictures and illustrations make it easy for the students to understand.

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