The Orient Black Swan School Atlas

The Orient Black Swan School Atlas

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Oriental BlackSwan School Atlas 7th Edition has detailed maps of all seven continents along with their different climatic regions. The atlas also consists of maps that show students a clear picture of the different historical changes in the world. It also gives the user information on the routes taken by adventurers and explorers. The age of the earth as well as information on natural calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis are also included in the book. The world maps in the atlas give the user good information on wildlife and degradation of the environment. Flags of different countries are also included in the atlas.

About Orient BlackSwan

Orient BlackSwan is a publishing house in India and was established in 1948. The house publishes books by various authors and for various academic purposes. It has 13 offices and includes over 1500 booksellers. Some of its other books include Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, and Linguistics: An Introduction to name a few.

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